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Welcome [25 Jul 2006|12:46am]
Kawaii Printables

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~ Please Comment If You Want To Save A Design ~

Welcome to my printable stationary journal!

To save an image, right click it, and 'save as' to where you want to save it. Then all you need to do is print!

Please request who you want to see more of in comments and I will do my best.
Refer to the tags to find the designs you want, and keep checking back!

I will update frequently!

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<3 Add me <3

selling some stuffs <3 [25 Jul 2006|12:43am]

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more detailed pics of the same lot below. 45 letter sheets, memo sheets, mini memos and stuffs.

I have 2 more identical sets like this. please comment for more details.

£5 for the lot with postage to the UK
$10 for the lot with postage to the USA
$10 anywhere else but will have to check postage


Please comment with
:where you are in the world
:method of payment

I prefer paypal <3

(I have feedback on ebay 100% positive (80+) on Lovebug3003)
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Lain [23 Jul 2006|03:02pm]
2 'Seriel Experiments Lain' Designs

LainCollapse )
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Random Cute Update [23 Jul 2006|02:54pm]
9 new 'Random Cute Designs'

Random Cute
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Chobits update [23 Jul 2006|02:45pm]
2 new 'Chobits' Designs

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Wanroom [23 Jul 2006|02:42pm]
3 'Wanroom' Designs

WanroomCollapse )
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cakes & sweets [17 Jul 2006|10:04am]
4 'Cakes & Sweets' Designs

Cakes & SweetsCollapse )
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Mashi Maro [13 Jul 2006|04:54am]
1 'Mashi Maro' Design

Mashi MaroCollapse )
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Tare Panda [13 Jul 2006|04:50am]
2 'Tare Panda' Designs

Tare PandaCollapse )
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Stray sheep [13 Jul 2006|04:49am]
1 'Stray Sheep' Design

Stray SheepCollapse )
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Cute Frogs [13 Jul 2006|04:36am]

-images found thanks to the community very_cute

2 'Cute Frogs' Designs

Cute FrogsCollapse )
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Random Cute [13 Jul 2006|04:34am]
17 'Cute Random' Designs

Random CuteCollapse )
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Naruto [06 Jul 2006|04:13pm]
4 'Naruto' Designs

NarutoCollapse )
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Kanon [06 Jul 2006|04:09pm]
5 'Kanon' Designs

KanonCollapse )
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Fruits Basket [06 Jul 2006|04:02pm]
7 'Fruits Basket' Designs

Fruits BasketCollapse )
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Chobits [06 Jul 2006|03:56pm]
9 'Chobits' Designs

ChobitsCollapse )
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One Piece [06 Jul 2006|03:54pm]
7 'One Piece' Designs

One PieceCollapse )
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Angelic Layer [06 Jul 2006|03:48pm]
3 'Angelic Layer' Designs

Angelic LayerCollapse )
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Oh My Goddess [06 Jul 2006|03:36pm]
5 'Oh My Goddess' designs

Oh My GoddessCollapse )
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